Bay Opera of SZ to open soon

Bay Opera of Shenzhen, a new performing center with a 1,500-seat opera hall, a 598-seat multifunctional theater and several rehearsal rooms near the Bay Glory Ferris wheel in Bao’an District, will open next week with “La Traviata” presented by China National Opera House.

Dance drama about Nanjing Massacre spotlights pain

“Deep in Memory,” the latest dance drama directed and choreographed by Tong Ruirui, will be staged at the Pingshan Theater next month.

Two exhibitions open at Pingshan Art Museum

There are two exhibitions at Pingshan Art Museum.

Eco exhibition looks into life connections, with nature and inner self

Visual artist Marcin Porebski from Poland is holding an eco art exhibition titled “CINEK — Connect With Yourself” at the AN+ Art & Design Center in the PAFC Mall in Futian District.

‘Ultraman’ to stun Pingshan, Guangming

The “Ultraman” series has been in the hearts and memories of countless people since its birth in 1966.

Jukebox musical tells you ‘The Secret’

The stage version of “The Secret,” a 2007 romance film directed and written by and starring singer-songwriter Jay Chou, will be shown in Shenzhen.